Our Leadership

Diana Roman

Diana Roman

Chief Financial Officer

Diana believes Veliz Construction’s focus on developing a culture of communication and relationships allows the team to grow personally and professionally and take pride in who they are and the work they do. As CFO, she collaborates with the team to create strategic plans for growth and profit, and identifies ways to improve financial operations and business operations. Diana cherishes the opportunities she has to mentor employees and work with them to plan company objectives and strategies to achieve them.

The success of the team and projects, and therefore the company, hinges on Veliz Construction’s ability to communicate and collaborate. Because of this, relationships are at the core of all that is done at Veliz Construction. Diana works to foster relationships within the company, with subcontractors, vendors and clients to allow Veliz to find solutions, accomplish goals and create value for everyone involved.

Education: MBA, BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso