Our Culture

In their own words, members of Veliz Construction share their thoughts on the culture of the company and how it impacts their work.

Professional Development

“The construction industry offers a multitude of career paths where women can grow and be successful. There are tremendous opportunities for those that embrace challenges, for those who are able to be flexible and adapt, for those who don’t fear change. One of my main roles in the company is to foster cultural diversity and ensure professional growth through training, encouragement and mentorship. At Veliz, everyone plays an important role and our goal is for each employee to reach their full potential.” - Diana Roman, Chief Financial Officer

“It is essential for women in construction to support each other by sharing their knowledge and experience. Learning from each other will help us become capable and trusted resources. At Veliz, I have been able to apply my education and skills in the construction field through coaching and mentoring. I work with a great team that is teaching me something new every day.” - Daniela Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant


“More and more women are joining the construction industry and are making a great impact at all levels. As Human Resources Administrator at Veliz Construction, I play a crucial role in supporting diversity in the workplace, fostering professional development, mentoring and inspiring a new generation of women.” - Carina Popoca, Human Resources Administrator

“I’m a general construction project manager. I’m a proud member of a small, but growing group of women that work in construction and it’s my mission to mentor and motivate young girls and women to have strength and passion to break stereotypes and glass ceilings. To let them know that construction is a fascinating and very diverse industry that is booming and has a huge window of opportunity for our future.” - Ana Martinez, Division Manager

Teamwork and Communication

“With solid and consistent communication, Veliz Construction has the best team to get projects done and on time. All while value engineering with our subcontractors, and ultimately giving our clients optimal quality at a fraction of the cost.” – Jerry Bombach, Estimator

“Why Veliz? Excellent teamwork among my peers. They are all always willing to help each other no matter what position or rank we have. There is always someone willing to help and you will always find an answer.” – Laura Lazo, Project Engineer


“If we follow the safety measures, we minimize the risk of an accident. It means respect for yourself and for your coworkers.” - Jose A. Rodriguez, Warehouse Manager

“Safety should be important to everyone. Anything can happen at any time. Safety first at all times.” - Salvador Gutierrez, Superintendent

“It is important to keep a safe workplace. My team counts on it.” - David Mendez, Superintendent

Culture of CARE

“In Veliz Construction, we believe that every individual has the right to a work environment that is free from harassment, hazing and bullying. I am proud to be part of a company that supports a culture were you feel valued, included, and safe.” - Carina Popoca, Human Resources Administrator