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Carina Popoca

Carina Popoca

Human Resources Administrator

As the HR Administrator, Carina acts as the link between management and employees, ensuring communication is honest and open. In addition to attracting and retaining qualified individuals, her work is focused on listening to issues or concerns raised by employees and improving or implementing HR policies and practices to benefit the teams and the organization.

While completing her Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Carina began working at Veliz Construction and found herself with more than a job. Not only had she found an organization that prioritized its people and welcomed her like a new family member, she was given opportunities to grow professionally and cultivate her abilities.

Ethics and integrity are an integral part of the culture at Veliz. You can see it in the way the teams work together and how they tackle complex projects. Employee satisfaction directly links to client satisfaction, which translates into profitability for the organization as a whole. Carina is proud to be part of an organization built on communication, teamwork and professionalism.

Education: BS in International Business from the University of Texas at El Paso